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I'm not seeing anything under My Album.

Also, one thing I've been meaning to tell you: As an art director I hire photographers regularly for magazines and such and whenever I'm looking at their portfolios I always feel better when the name of the web site and company is their own name. Joe Smith Photography for example, instead of Serenity Photos or Pink Shirt Photography, etc. The reason being I'm hiring an artist, an individual with a vision and not a company. Just wanted to make sure you saw the other side of the coin.


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hey thanks for the advice, i have been working towards using my real name for photos, but i felt i needed to target a bunch of people easily. i shoot in the pink shirt and people remember that as people approach me i use my real name. I find its easier to remember something weird then it is to remember something like photography by sean mankiw. but thanks for the wordz of edvice.


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i think pink shirt photos is a good, unique and memorable/recognizable name. too many seans in the world anyway. :D
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