Picnic: What's in your pot?

Your kitchen chops are not on par with your bike handling skills :D? That post was more of a general post, Ryan, but maybe one of those pre-packaged veggie platters would be good.

Once again, I'd really like to thank all of you in advance for helping get this thing off the ground.

No problem just trying to figure out what to bring. My bike handling skills majorly outshine my kitchen skillz... Gotta keep the admin happy :D
Shaggz, would it be worth mentioning that those who are bringing community drinks should supply their own coolers and ice? Just so that we are not stuck with a bunch of warm adult sodas. Not that it bothers me at all.:D
as of today saturday was looking to be partly cloudy. all rain should be out of here by friday night.
you can never have too many cookies :drooling:

WHAT?!! I stand by my quote and I'll raise you- you can never have too many brownies either. :D Which is what I'll be bringing! Provided I can walk......

Since this is a popular thread let me refer you to the thread "Ouch." I hurt my leg and am looking for thoughts/advice.....
I know, I know.....I'm off topic- sorry.

Looking forward to meeting everyone! I just checked and the weather is calling for sunny with a high of 71.
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ok, I'm officially in for 2. I am leaning towards the salads .....

How about greek chicken salad / pitas?

ok, I'm officially in for 2. I am leaning towards the salads .....

How about greek chicken salad / pitas?


That would be great! I'll add it to the list.

Anyone still looking to bring something, I think Steve was right on his "sides" comment. Salads of any kind are good.
You know...the typical mixed greens with oreo's instead of croutons. Or maybe I'll just do a full cookie salad. I'll grab some chips ahoy, oreo's, nilla wafers, vienna fingers, grasshoppers, and sugar cookies and mix them nicely and Voila! A healty delicious snack...
Picnic Beer Festival

From what I can gather, there will be a decent quantity of fine beers at this gathering. I'm wondering if we should organize some sort of "tasting" table. I'm thinking dixie cups and somehow trying to break the beers out into categories or breweries :hmmm:. Nothing too crazy, but I have been browsing through the beer thread hoping that more than a few of them will be making an appearance...
funny you should mention that shaggz, as i have just returned home from beer heaven. here is a preview of the contents of Sean's Dark Micro-Brooler:


You guys can sample all the beer you want. I'll be manning the dessert table.

Since I'm planning to ride tomorrow night, I did my baking this evening. Even got a little creative. Had to swat a few hands back too. :getsome:
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