Pickup with cap, anyone have and do fork mounted bikes fit?


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Hi all, hoping someone else has a Silverado 1500 with a cab height cap on it. If so, do they fit upright with a fork mount? Hoping I don't need a mid or high rise cap (for looks and mpg's). I know each brand will have a different rear glass height, but asking in general if they fit.
Fit in my Tacoma with a cab height cap no problem. Used a rocky mounts fork mount bolted to a 2x4 that ran the width of the bed. Dropper had to be down. My uncle has a 1500 sierra and his road bikes fit no problem with the front wheel off
I had a standard roof height cap on my old 2000 F-150 with fork mount holders without any height issues. When I sold that truck in 2013 I was still using QR forks, 26” wheels, and narrower bars. Dropper seatposts should solve any ceiling clearance issues.
I wouldn't waste money on a dropper for a road bike, just get a super cool salsa quick release seat clamp.
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