Pic of the Girls at the Lewis Morris Challenge

Great Shot!

Thanks, Great picture! I really enjoyed that race. Lewis Morris is a fun training ground. I see why the Wednesday night ride is so popular. I hope you try racing in the series next year. They are still two more races, Oct 2nd Peekskill, and 0ct 9th at Ringwood. Not to mention the 32kilometer race at Allumuchy on Oct 16th. Sorry for the delay in responding. I was scuba diving in Florida. Lobster tastes better when you catch them yourself! As for the picture, Left to right, Laura, NJ Jess, Jessie, and Mags! Great Fun, Ladies!
From a friend AKA E...

:) Wait a min is Mags ur wife? No jokin
Totally rad if that's your'e wife bettys aka.. Girl bikers rule...
:confused: (If not ur'e wife sorry):confused:
mergs said:
yo go, Mags! :)
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