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After much debating, voting, re-voting, more debating and a healthy dose of holiday induced procrastinating; the JORBA Photo Contest winners have been decided!

We have selected winners split into 2 categories, “Riding” and “Lifestyle”. The rules stated that the photos had to be bike related and captured in New Jersey, but after reviewing the submissions it was clear that content (riding vs. not riding) was influencing the judging process unnecessarily. It was an easy decision to split the submissions; picking six winners doubled the stress but it also gave us more winners!

1st place in each category will receive a “Double Black Diamond” membership (or renewal) and all schwag associated with it. 2nd place winners get “Black Diamond” and 3rd place get “Blue Square”. See for details on what is included at each level. I will be in touch with those of you whose addresses I don't yet have.

Congratulations to ALL of you who entered, it was amazingly difficult to name just 6 winners.

Here are the winners, click the links to see the shots:

Ride Category:

First Place Photo by Ellen White. “Art White, Wawayanda State Park”
This shot stood out from the moment it arrived. It is taken in a park that JORBA stewards, is visually appealing and depicts a scene that makes us want to ride. Ellen submitted a bit more than a handful of photos and each one could have easily been in the running. Ellen’s photography also graces the cover of the forthcoming JORBA Winter newsletter. Well done Ellen!

Second Place Photo by Tony Marino. “H2H Racing, Wawayanda State Park”
This shot appealed to the racers among the judges. The serene lake background contrasts nicely with the intensity of the race. Tony is also the artist behind the infamous “Thanksgiving Snow at Ringwood” shot. Well done Tony.

Third Place Photo by Sean Mankiw. “Unknown rider at Mountain Creek”
Sean submitted some awesome action shots, this one stood above the rest for many reasons. Sean is a “bit” more than an amateur so we expected the high technical quality to be there. What stood out most was the intense expression on the rider’s face, captured on a perfect day at the mountain. Well done Sean.

Lifestyle Category:

First Place Photo by Jason King. 6 Mile Run Heavy Trail Maintenance
Jason sent us shots taken at 6 Mile Run that had this surreal yet visually appealing quality to them. This one tells the story of one of our newest Chapters. "The Jasons” (Fenton and Pace) and crew have already accomplished so much, hope everyone gets a chance to ride the freshly maintained trails at this great little park. Ceck out more of Jason King's work here. Well done Jason!

Second Place Photo by Joe Scheneck. Kittatinny Snow
Joe sent us shots of this amazing snow covered day in the woods. When a majority of the state was holed up in the house, Joe was out there riding his bike. Joe says “The silence and tranquility of the park was just amazing”. Hopefully we all get out there this winter to see this side of NJ. Well done Joe.

Third Place Photo by Sean Grady. Al Ciesielka overlooking Charlotteburg Reservoir in Morris County
Sean caught this moment that just brings us right back to memories of epic rides; a rest stop at an overlook, and a drink after a long climb. I wonder how many people from out of the area would guess that this view is in New Jersey? Well done Sean.

Thank you to ALL of our photographer/riders who participated: “Black Bean”, Gerald "Wazu" Daniele, Ryan Ganley, Sean Grady, Jason King, Sean Mankiw, Tony Marino, Joe Prebish, Bill Romollino, Mike Salkewicz, Joe Schenek, Steve “Shaggz”, Art White and Ellen White. You all captured wonderful scenes that really showcase what a diverse and beautiful state this is, particularly when you get out on your bike and explore!

Don't forget to spread the word and send fellow riders to for more info on the unified voice of MTB advocacy in NJ. You dig?


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Congratulations to all the winners!!! Glad I wasn't a judge big time. Really great photos by the winners and also the others! I also like the kinds of prizes given away. Great job photographers and judges. :)


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The lifestyle pictures chosen were all my fav's!! They all really show off how great NJ riding can be. Thanks photographers and Jorba !:)


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Great pics. Jdog is such a bad ass :D

Shaggz, that avatar bothers me for some reason. I like the kamikaze one much better...


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Congrats to the winners!

I think a calendar is a great idea! I would love to see that. We just need someone to volunteer to do the work on it! I think we have the pics, its a matter of consolidating them, locating printers that can do a calendar and banging it out. Then we can start selling them yay :getsome:

Problem is, 2008 is right around the corner so we'd need to get it done, like yesterday, and have them ready to sell in the next couple of weeks. :hmmm:


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Do it online? Just individual sales from the calendar site of choice?


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Do it online? Just individual sales from the calendar site of choice?

Yeah, office max has a fairly strong interface to make 12 or 18 mo calendars. $9.99 a piece. The problem I see is that we have to include shipping to each person and we need to add a $ or two on top of that to make a profit on it. So, that said, who's willing to pay $12 or 13 for a calendar?


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I think in order to get it to people before 2008 you'd need to scrap the profit margin and just make it up online and allow people to order and have it shipped direct. Otherwise it probably won't happen.
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