phillipsburg cx, dec 7


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Their site says this is the 3rd one they sponsored.

Funny... I've passed by that shop when my job site was in Easton, PA.
There is also another very nice shop shop in Easton called Genesis Bicycles I used to frequent on my "lunch breaks". ;)


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I did it last year! Roots, a steep run up, that might be ridden, and a steep down hill with sand on the bottom.
Was a little icy last year, but a total hoot.
Did anyone actually ride that run up? By the final lap, I had trouble getting up it with my feet!

If the course is the same, the start is more important than usual because there's a section early in the lap with only one line that stacked everyone up.


I'll be doing it. Russ is the owner of Cycle Funatic, really nice guy. I was there, and in Genesis this weekend... Russ has this small shop but there are at least six ‘cross bikes out on the floor...:)


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I did it last year...

This is one of my favorite courses in the NJBA CX Cup. It has just enough roots and whatnot to give us mountain bikers an edge:D

Here's the run-up...

See you guys out there!!

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