Riders and Local Bike Shops:

JORBA would like to ask you to circulate this petition and to urge your friends, family and your customers (in the case of local bike shops) to sign this petition.

We've made it as easy as possible:

1. grab it here:

2. carry it with you to the trail head or trail maintenance event, or place it on your sales counter.

3. once the pages are filled up, simply fax or mail it to the address or fax on the bottom of the page.

As a reminder, the staff of our state parks work on a skeleton crew and a thin budget already. The proposed cuts will not increase mountain biking access to our park but likely limit access. New trails and projects may be threatened. Thanks for supporting the folks that support our sport in our state parks!


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Get as many names as possible and fax them as often as you can. The fax # is on the bottom of the petition.


If you did not see....

there is a Save the Parks Rally, in support of the workers and keeping all serivices and facilities open and as they are May 17th within Brynden Burne SF in the Pakim Pond parking area, between 1 and 3...

Bob W

JORBA: Allamuchy
Speaking of Bases...

Posted before but...bears repeating

It is important to make your voice heard on these issues. You can call the Parks and Forestry Department at 1-800-843-6420 and let them know how important the parks are to you!
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