Permantently Saving Your "MTBNJ Classic" Style Choice

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For those of you who have elected to go back to the "MTBNJ Classic" site style, here is a tidbit of information that will help make sure that your configuration stays put.

If you select "MTBNJ Classic" from the Quick Style Chooser at the bottom of the page, it will only "stick" as long as you don't log out. If you log out and log on again, it will revert to the default...which is the new style. Also, if you were to log onto another computer you'd find that the new style would pop up there too.

But don't fret!! There is a way to make your "MTBNJ Classic" style selection sticks, whether you log out/on or log onto another computer.

From the "Quick Links" menu in the navigation bar above (between "Search" and "Log Out"), select "Edit Options".

Scroll all the way to the bottom and the very last option is called "Forum Skin". You can select "Use Forum Default" which will give you whatever we thrust upon you; "MTBNJ Style" which is the new look; or "MTBNJ Classic" which is the "old" style.

Click "Save Changes" and your selection will follow you wherever you go.

Why the Vbulletin folks designed it this way is beyond me...

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