Perfect riding weather


Well it's looking pretty dam nice this week for a ride so I'm taking tomorrow off and going riding. Anybody else have off and is interested in a ride tomorrow at Ramapo/Ringwood area ??? :cool:


Yeah it's gorgeous out today!

If possible I'm going to cut out of work a little early & hit a local trail.


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meeting phatbiker at the tourne today around 5pm for some ss action. feel free to join us.


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i would have loved to ride today but i was managing cell phone issues for most of it running back and forth between sprint and verizon. plus, my SS is at marty's. apparently i managed to kill a singulator in less than 50 miles. hopefully TC can fix it by tomorrow. :D


entirely thrilled
today was fantastic riding weather. and the trails are in awesome shape right now too. i put in a quick 17 at mahlon after work today. i get off work at 3:30, and literally work right on the edge of the park.
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