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I've mentioned this to the park superintendent and offered suggestions, however he seems to feel his signs work.

The only thing I can say is that Clayton does not have pedestrian only trails, they just want you to walk your bike across that bridge so you don't slip on your bike and get hurt.


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as said above - the signs are very confusing.

not knowing the park very well I wasnt sure if I was supposed to turn around or not - which made no sense to me (why let bikers go a mile down the trail only to say "peds only")

so I kept going over the bridge (thinking I was breaking the rules of going on a ped-only trail section...which I generally dont like to do) - then I noticed that the sign only pertained to the bridge. I, frankly, didnt get it.

a poorly defined sign like that will only cause problems.

(1) when the purpose is unclear and riders disobey it, I think it could only encourage riders to disobey other signs

(2) I could see it causing horseback riders and hikers to, incorrectly, yell at mtb riders thinking the whole trail is off limits - when it is not.

why have potential arguments and/or confusion when simply changing the sign to something like "bike/horse dismount over bridge" would solve the problem and tell people EXACTLY what is required.
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