Pedals: Spedplay Frog Pedals


A strong 7
Manufacturer: Speedpaly
Product: Frog Pedals (clipless)
How Long Used: Same set of pedals for 6 years
Similar Products Used: Cannondale CODA pedals , Shimano
Overall Rating [1-10]: 9

Positive: Excellent mud clearance, light, durable, lots of float (easy on the knees), maintenance free

Negative: proprietary cleats (not spd compatible) - may need to shave parts of sole down to connect to shoe, small platform. Expensive initial outlay (mine paid off over time)

Comments: Feel is different than a traditional SPD style pedal. There is not that a pronounced click when engaging the pedal. It almost feels as if the foot is hovering over the pedal, not anchored to it. However, this makes for excellent power and spinning, and inspires confidence clipping in and out of emergency situations.


I'm still waiting for mine to be delivered.....Bike Nashbar has the slowest shipping ever.....but when they do come, I will post a review as a new user. I've read alot of positive reviews on them overall.


been using the same pair for years-very happy with-had spds before.
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