Pedal strikes and geometry?

Joe J

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There are varying degrees of pedal strikes. If you ride aggressively pedaling through things that most coast in you will tap your pedals. No big deal thats what bumpers are for and why real MTB'ers use Shimano pedals. A true pedal strike is a hit hard enough to eject your foot right out of the pedal and rattle your fillings. Again no big deal 99% of the time just a little annoying. Then there is the strike like you had (out of sheer bad luck and probably fatigue) when you catch the rock on the down stroke between 3:00 & 5:00. This is going to pitch you off the saddle and sideways sometimes your lucky and recover sometimes you hit the deck :( Shit happens go clean your chain and drink a BEER :)


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Pivot LES fully rigid, 2.35 ft tire, 2.4 rear, 175 crank arms . I am always pedal striking on this, even at Allaire or Clayton on the roots on flat trails. This is my main issue on this bike.
What size tires you running?
Also, want to sell me the SS ???