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Question for those who know the PP well.

I've been riding PP a bunch over the past 2 weeks, we start at the lot across from the lake and hit the trail head at the far end of the lot and go left. We follow this trail out and cross over a number of roads and streams until I think we're in Chester. You then come to a hiking only section - but you can bypass that section via the road and get back on the PP. You will pass a sign for Sheiff Nature Preserve (sp) and then the trail ends at a stream crossing. The other side of the stream is private property.

Question is - is there more to the trail? The map in the parking lot as well as a map I saw in a little park area in Mendham leeds me to believe that there is a way to continue further, but I can't figure it out.

Any help would be appreciated.


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there is another 4 (+/-) mile section off of pleasant hill road that runs along the black river. i rode that a few weeks ago hoping to connect the PP all the way to Lewis Morris but i don't know how i'd work. the map has been little help.
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