Patanella's 4th Semi-Annual King of the Hill Duathlon


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Al Gore said he did all the work while you just sat around drinking beer and watching porn.

i'm sitting in the bell labs caf one day, and Al comes to visit. They have a couple demos for him, and he looks at a $50k workstation,
where they were doing some video and 3d modeling. He say, "this is the type of power we need to bring to people's homes" -
we looked at the price, and dismissed it. he looked at the capability - and he was right. also had moore's law on his side.
although i'm not sure why it is a law, since it is only an empirical observation with a highly correlated line.

i suspect my phone is way more powerful than that SGI.
Personally, i would have preferred they worked on the jetpack, rather than the app store.

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