Party for Marty Nov. 20 - help out Cycle Boy!


Last night was truely amazing. I am very proud to be part of Team Town Cycle and what we stand for. It really showed how we can take care of one of our own when in need. Marty still has a long road ahead, but with an extended family like problem!

Can't wait to see the Jungle Habitat sign proudly hanging in the store front. It's where it belongs.

Great job everyone.


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Last night was truely amazing. I am very proud to be part of Team Town Cycle and what we stand for.

& you should be. It was a great event. Really well run & organized. Crazy amount of food & especially desserts. Huge props to Town Cycle for doing this & for making a very generous donation on top of it all.

A few MTBNJ posters were super generous too. DAN (Also know as Dan Larino) donated 2 huge auction items that were very well received. A lot of action on those. Darkhorse Cycles and JORBA made donations as well.

Got a talk to Pete for a bit, what a good guy. Also saw Marty socializing a bit. He looked really happy. Super cute kid. Wishing nothing but the best for your family.


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Good to know it went well! Pete has taught me a lot and took me under his wing so to say when I was younger. I donated the Haro z20 kids BMX bike, hopefully it went to a nice little kid that will start rippin on it one day!

Sorry I couldn't be there for the event guys!



It was a lot of fun. I have not had the pleasure of meeting Chris Burk yet, but he was a good sport about people bidding on his behalf, especially for the ladies underwear.

And don't forget the last minute generosity for that Jungle sign. It found it's proper home at the shop.

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We've been busy catching our collective breath over here, but we wanted to make sure we came over here to to say thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU ! Thank you to all who came out and supported us, to those of you who donated auction items or funds, and to everyone who passed the message along and put this family in your thoughts.

Our night was ... amazing. No other way to describe it! So much fun stuff to bid on, good food to eat, plenty to drink, lots of spirited bidding - and a special appearance from the man himself, Marty, fresh from his recent hospital stay!

If you have a minute, please stop over and read the Thank You note we've posted.

Dennis - I saw the boy who won your bike wheel it out - trust me, he's a pistol - I'm sure he has already put it to good use! Can you PM me with your email address when you have a chance? Thx.

Kirt - your bike also is going to a great home - a whole family of bikers, now the youngest will have a sweet ride as well!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and yours - again, thanks to you all - an event like this one restores our faith in humanity, doesn't it? !!
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