part time position: Mountain Biking Program Specialist


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I could not decide if this was Off-Topic or Genl Discussion ;) ... in any case:

There is a part time position available at Camp Deeny Riback in Flanders: Mountain Biking Program Specialist.

Full Details here:

JORBA was asked to pass the word on this since we're building a kid's mountain biking trail at this camp.
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Cool stuff

Man, this is tailor-made for me, but the length of the commute, among other things, really makes it a non-possibility. Hope this works out for someone; it'll be a cool experience for kids and adults alike.


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that'd be great Chris. the kids that didn't get lost and eaten by coyotes or die from heart failure in the first five minutes trying to keep up with you 'riding slow' would certainly be candidates for future world champions.....:D
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