Park transformed into a playground

Been about 5 days since I've been to my local park. Today I wanted to do a quick loop, and bam saw a log with a wooden bridge on it.... I was like waaa,, this is nice... So i got further, bam a jump...waaa.. and a bridge over the log..waa. and another log with a very thin plank on top to ride...I am liking the park even more now that there is some fun things to go over and practice... everyone should check it out.
Rode it yesterday for the 1st time in a very long time and it was fun. I only had about an hour to ride so Cheesequake was my only option after work (plus it's less than 10min from my house).

Will I go back?'s a good place to crank out a quick ride and get some exercise.
Rode it tonight because it's about 5 minutes from me :). Just getting back into mountain biking and it was actually a blast. Lots of cool parts, but very short. Learned how to get my entire bike off the ground just tonight.