Park Tool Classes


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Cycle Works in Byram will be holding the Park Tool Classes starting in January. They will be offering 4, 6 and 12 hour options and are limited to 6 people/class. I know the 12 hour class will be on tuesday or thursday evenings, from 6 to 8 pm for $185. Not too sure about the others. Call them at 973 347 3733 for more information.
I've done this class and anyone that would like to learn how to do some basic wrenching, I would highly recommend it.

you'll learn bottom brackets, hub service, wheel truing, brakes, shifters, cables, etc. good stuff and it will give to the confidence to try something yourself. i only give the LBS the tricky stuff now, or stuff that requires special tools
I already signed up

Yup,I signed up for the 12 hours, but they couldn't tell me when it would actually start. I don't get back from holiday til January 18th, so I hope it's later in the month. If you hear anything, please post it, Thanks
spoke to the guys at cycle works today, and they would run a class on Staurday mornings if we can get 4 people to commit. Let me know if anyone else is interested.
I'm very interested but I did invest a bit of time into having the class at Marty's. I think we should put a poll up for people to pick the best location and we could go from there.

I'd be in for a location nearer northern New Jersey...
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