PA Woods - Summer '08 DVD


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Got the word that PA Woods just got in copies of their latest DVD.

Even if you don't ride dirt jumps, take a look at one of things they are working on in conjuction with the space @ Catty Woods.

Part of the PA Woods blog:
Also the petition that is set up is not for the trails its for the whole alternative sports scene which includes skateboarding and mountain biking. What we are really trying to do is get a law passed that would prevent us from being able to sue anyone for getting hurt. A law exists like this for skiing in Pennsylvania which pretty much saves ski areas from getting sued.

I know it's a law for PA, but you never know - if it gets passed could be something that NJ might do (ya right, I know).

Pawoods blog:

To order the vid - $12 including shipping:

Help support a good local and grassroots movement.


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that inward hip transfer thing (whats it called) is awesome!!!

ahh, you must be thinking the pocket transfer - borrowed from bowls and very clever design and build and like you said awesome seeing it be ridden. That one dude tailwhipping it was nutso!


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thanks for the link! nam rules! so is nam still there? you can never tell with those guys.

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Showing tonight...

They are premering it tonight at:

THE HUB Boutique & Gallery Inc

14W Raspberry ST
Bethlehem, PA
United States

Might try and get out based on the weather.


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thanks for the link! nam rules! so is nam still there? you can never tell with those guys.

Honestly, I don't know for sure what trails are in there. I think Catty would be for sure as the proceeds from the DVD go to help get it legal. I haven't ridden or even visited any of that stuff unfortunately.


Nice to see some Glen Park action! (Truth and Beauty vid, that is.)
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