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Sometimes when entering a turn with or without a berm I feel like I oversteer the turn. Probably a beginner thing, but I figured I would ask anyway. My bike is a 29r and the seat is set so I have a slight bend at the knee. The bars are the stock size. This happend in the sand and hardpack dirt thats why I figured it was me. Would a more narrow handlebar help at all?




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check out some wider bars, they will give you a smoother ride. sunline makes their v1 bar 30 inches wide. wider bars will slow your steering. another option would be a steering damper. Hopey makes a nice damper and is based in PA. They are pricy but do work. I used to run one on my dh rig.



Like he said, wider bars means yur hands have to move greater distance to turn the wheel thru its full steering motion, therefore, wider bars may eliminate any oversteering on yur part. However, also means u won't be able to squeeze between narrower trees and may get hooked on branches and vines and bushes that stick out from the side of the trail. Also, good/ comfortable riding position has to be taken into account as well. Maybe all u really need is more time in the saddle to adjust to yur particular bikes handling characteristics. Take everything into account and make a solid decision in the end, good luck, TJ


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you can try a longer stem... it will work like wider bars... plus your front wheel will be loaded more that can improve cornering as well...
do you use front brake entering in turns? If not try that... I started rinding relatively recently so can recall that almost ignored a front brake for few months.
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