Our Mix Trail/Road 15 Miler!


Start - Stokes Ranger Station

Lackner to Stony Lake Parking Lot

Backside of Stoney Lake Parking Lot down to Kittle Field

Duck between the Bathrooms and Lodge and Head Down to Blue Mt Trail

Blue Mt Trail To Lake Ocquitauk(sp)

Follow the road past bathrooms out to Groul Rd(sp)

Follow Groul Rd around to Steam Mill Trail

Follow Steam Mill up to the Conservation Road till you meet up with Tinsley Trail

Take Tinsley To Swenson Trail

Swenson Trail To Coursen Trail

Coursen Trail To Coursen Road

Coursen Road To Route 206 and Back To The Station

(if you feel like adding a short, but really fun trail in the beginnig, take stoney lake trail from Lackner around to Coursen and continue left to Stoney Lake parking lot)
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