Ouch in the first person


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I hope the other riders showed proper etiquette and didn’t attack when the Yellow jersey was down.


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You should ride the Ridge. Not as dramatic, but still solid pucker factor.
Ahhh big nope.. I already took a serious fall once in my life, no need for a second time around. Having a leg in a traction splint for over a month was more than enough for me. The rider in that video was probably in a serious world of hurt after that just based on mechanism of injury.


On what section of 6MR did this happen? @Patrick I think you need to install a handrail there...

Actually there is a place @ 6MR where I almost went straight down about 20 ft to the creek. The first alley-oop on red (after white) going back to the canal lot. I stayed as far right as possible, back tire lost traction and skidded and half my bike went over the edge.


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I did something similar in Sedona. Thankfully it was a section of trail with a lot of brush and didn’t just go straight off the mountain. I still rolled 15 feet off the trail but was unscathed.
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