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This forum will be a work in progress. In an ideal world, we'd link these riding spots to a Google map to mimic our "trail directory". However, the tyrants that own this place don't pay us enough, so that is a long shot.

Please feel to throw out your ideas or suggestions as to how we should manage and organize the forum. We probably won't listen to you, but at least you may feel better about yourself.


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I can easily add the non-NJ sites onto the "NJ map" - they'll just fall outside of NJ and in some cases off the map entirely. But if you scroll the map you'll be able to see it.

I think someone had a list of non-NJ parks in the other thread. Maybe we could revisit that?


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I'm looking forward to this section, whether there are links on a map or not. There are plenty of places just outside of nj that are great to ride. I'd be willing to compile all the information I know of to contribute.


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This is the list from the other post:

1. blue mt.
2. ninham
3. stewarts
4. taconic 909
5. jockey hill
6. ferncliff
7. vassar
8. fawnstock

I would think these also:

9. Highbridge
10. Cunningham
11. Wissahhh...canSomeoneSpellThisForMe?
12. Blue Marsh
13. Ralph Stover
14. Tymor
15. That reservoir near where NY/NJ/PA meet?
16. Fair Hill? Iron Hill?
17. French Creek
18. Jim Thorpe?

Anything else? Let's get a list, then we can prirotize it, then work together at what we need to make it happen.
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I would say the masses decide. For instance, the Tourne in Harrisburg isn't going to get anyone out there. But Ringwood might.

List anything that comes to mind. We can always bump it down. Once we get the process going it's just a matter of collecting info and adding an entry to the DB.


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Cool man! Thanks! I know you're Googliterate so maybe I'll ask you for some help once we get this moving more.

Granogue is a closed estate, open only on 2 race days a year.


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Michaux came to mind and was posted.

I'm wondering what Rothrock is like.

Sprain Ridge should be on there. What is the name of the new Staten Isl spot?
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Graham Hills - NY
Blue Mountain - NY
Sprain Ridge - NY
Stewart - NY
Ninham - NY
Fahnstock - NY
Mianus - CT
Vassar Farms - NY


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Crankfire.com has extensive GPS information on all the Connecticut trails... and a number of NY trails as well.
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