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First off I wanna say that I love Six Mile! I've only been mountain biking for about a month and I've rode a few different trails but I love the obstacles and how well the trail is groomed. The first time my boyfriend and his friend took me I thought I was going to loose a lung :drooling: by the time I got to the first field (from the 27 side). But I try to go once a week and I see myself improving each time. But of course I still need A LOT more training.

The second time I ventured into Six Mile I encountered what I call "The Devils Rejects." I was in a little bit more shape and was prepared so I was able to enjoy the trail and it's surroundings. My boyfriend and I got to the stream with the concrete bridge and the house with the pedestrian crossing sign. You all know what I'm talking about. Now I do not know who lives here and if any of you guys know them I'm sure they are real nice people and my creativity is just getting to me.... But when we started to head back we stopped to gaze at the wheat field to the left of us pretty close to the house. It was peaceful until I heard Opera music blasting and what sounded like some kind of machine starting up with chains. I don't know if it was a chainsaw or a moped or what...but it freaked me out. All I could picture was some guy smiling and listening to his opera music while sharpening his chain saw. It reminded me of the Rob Zombie movie The Devils Rejects. When we stopped later on in the trail, I swear I hear some kind of machine behind us...which then in turn made me book it out of there.

Has anyone encountered this before? :confused: It freaked me out but doesn't stop me from going back every week.


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I've heard that Jdog likes to get psyched up for trail maintenance by blaring Madama Butterfly and singing along.


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i have not heard opera b4 but i have heard bells ringing, tractors and chain saws. Just keep pedaling!

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