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Question. How do you guys set your rebound? I'm figuring since I'm not catching much air or drops, I'll probably want it pretty quick, right?

Tim, I have found Steve from Vorsprung is the most in-depth and knowledgeable tuner in suspension setup and explanations.


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No, but there’s a quick 6 step guide on routefreak.com that may help you. I usually have a consultant setup the firewall.
We are the consultants we stoooed selling these and my after hours tech doesnt know asa he works on the others we sell. My lead tech is home sick sleeping FML.


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Technically I dont have to be here I am just being way too nice a boss and helping my employee. I can leave whenever I actually want but he is busting his butt so I am supporting. Bought him beers for after also

3 pieces of advice:

- stay out of his hair
- keep the beers for after only
- have him document every single step of the process and each required parameter

Paul H

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Speaking of the Tourne let's welcome @notcho to OOS!

@Paul H are riding HM tomorrow after PT?
I cancelled my PT for Sat morning because of the drinking tonite
But it seems like I won't be hung over tomorrow so I am going to try to hit HM if trail conditions permit.
I will shoot you a txt in the morning if I do.


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I earned this today

Paul H

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Finally properly lubed and set up my new fork. I made sure to capture my "bike stand", which is a 1x2 piece of wood held down by my circular saw on my poker table. View attachment 90216that I put under the top tube. Worked like a charm. That's my 4yo boys hand annoying the shit out of me the whole time
Looks like fast rolling XC tires you got there


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Do you guys think it's ok if I start a blog thread for my comedic musings ? @fidodie ? It'll give this thread a break and could be fun...

Edit: I'll try and loop mtb ing into everything.
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