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The Box shifter is a bit harder to push isn't it ? That was my experience when I tried someone else's bike that tried it. That's why I went MicroShift on my fatty to try the wide range 9 spd deal. They make killer BMX race stuff, but I haven't been overly impressed with their MTB offerings.
Yeah I'm game for wherever. Mahlon could be a good in between to you too as I'll be stopping at my parents who are close to Jefferson. Whatevers clever. How's 10am? I can do earlier or later.


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Mahlon is cool, but I haven't ridden there in quite awhile so I can't promise we won't be stopping quite a bit. We'd also be limited to the non WMA side do you hunting season.


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Which also means 50% less injuries!
I wasn't aware there was a linear correlation between the two things.

If it is like skiing, you always get injured on the last run of the day. No matter what time it is
Cause/effect? A good friend of mine broke all the ligaments in his left knee on the first turn of the first slope on the first day of our weeklong vacation on the snow. That was his first (in several years, hence the injury) as well as his last run of the day (and of the rest of his life, never wanted to have corrective surgery).
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