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Just picked up a set of these. A little awkward looking but so much more comfortable then"regular Bars" They put your hands in a relaxed natural position. I like them a lot and they didn't take any time to get used to.
One drawback is that there isn't any straight section to mount your computer on so its at an angle.
at first I put them on my commuter bike, but now they are on my Hardtail.. definitely a great experience on the trail too!!!


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Those things scare me. I have yet to give them a try. But i have heard all but good things about em.


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you don't lose any "flickability" with those bars? I can see them being comfortable but if you want to do a quick line change, it has hinder that...


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I rode my Mary bars for the first full year that I owned my Haro Mary SS. I didn't see or feel any noticeable difference in handling compared to my other bike which has regular lo risers. The cruiser like hand position was nice on the wrists and I think was nice for climbing, since it sort of resembles where your hands would be if you were using bar ends.

I have now switched over to carbon lo rise bars on the Mary, not that I didn't like the bars anymore I just wanted to lighten the bike up a bit. If anytime in the future I put together a beater bike, I will probably throw the Mary bars on it.

BonefishJake still currently rides the Mary bars, but I think he is in the works to switch over to regular risers after Maurice gave him some helpful insight, and after he rode my bike and compared it to his. Your welcome Jake:D


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I have ridden with Noah a few timea and he rides them upside down.

They actually feel pretty good.


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I have ridden with Noah a few timea and he rides them upside down.

They actually feel pretty good.

Yes, I believe Maurice suggested that Jake flip them over as well, so you dont get that "Chopped out" feeling.


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The bars may be great for "cruisin" but I didn't care for then at all. I won't say they are garbage though. If you are used to a straight bar, I don't recommend them. If you are new to MTBing, sure...go for it.

I rode with them while riding the Mary demo. I didn't even install them when I bought the bike.

I still have the Mary bar if someone wants to have it.


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wow, something i can actually speak to with some authority. here's my deal:

i ran the mary bars for eight months as they were: too high and the usual way. net-net: i really liked them. the hand positioning was very comfortable and i felt that the gave me good leverage while climbing, something that i felt lacking with the risers on my trek.

fast forward to two months ago at the mtbnj.com time trial at LM and two things happen. first, i ride walts bike with all the carbon goodies and i was drooling more than a yankee at mardi gras. secondly, maurice jumps on the mary and throws the set up under the bus. in a good way. it's tough not to take advice from maurice, especially when he's right. anyway, i go home, pull out a spacer and a 1/2 and flip the whole deal over, stem and bars. well, that was very interesting as it greatly improved the handling of the bike by putting my weight much more forward as opposed to looking like mary poppins cruising around jolly london. i liked that set up A LOT but sadly, i couldn't get a really good comparison since the one real ride i did was in the snow at CR, a park i'd never rode before (after that i took the bike to the shop to make sure i didn't completely fawk up my king headset since it was jiggly).

so, where am i now? well, for the time being i'm switching to flat bars and a zero rise stem of the same length. no reason, really, other than that i wanted to try a new set up, especially after riding walts dream machine. i may very well end up going back to the mary bars in a few months, who knows. at the end of the day, eliminating the spacers and flipping the bars was where it was at.

one thing that i didn't feel comfortable at all doing on that bike with the mary bars was jumping anything higher than say a foot or two. while i loved the mary bars for their pure XC pleasure i didn't have the confidence in all those bends when jumping.

so, there you have it.


I think i am going to use them on my hard tail commuter only.. I rode them on the trails and while they seemed fine i wasn't nearly as aggressive riding with them on.. jumping took too much thought and forget about chutes...
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