Old Pics of Jungle Habitat...


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I can credit the trail work at Jungle Habitat for getting me back into racing last year. After a number of years out of the XC race scene, I was stoked to see this race venue. I just had to be involved.

I was there when it really was JH. I tooled around the remains in the mid-90's on my MTB just for the hell of it. I wanted to see what had been done with the place.

I was rummaging through some old photos at my parent's house yesterday. Look what turned up. I believe this was some time during 1973.

With dad at the entrance to the tunnels:

Mom, Me , and Sylvester:

I was dumb looking back then too:


"Sleeveless Joe"
Cool pix!

I'll never look at the tunnels the same way again and I'll look for remnants of the poles on my next visit...

You were a cutie! ;)


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Nicely done Norm...nicely done.

I have no knowledge of JH other than racing from last year. That pic of the tunnel is damn cool.


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I remember going there as a kid I had a key fob with a lion on top of a car.
was a cool place back in its day.

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