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Anyone know when/if Dean made painted aluminum bikes? A friend of mine is looking at a bike, a black Dean with the multi-colored Dean logo, aluminum, with 8 speed, non disc lx components, and an older manitou sx fork, the ones that still had the boots on them. The guy who owns it doesnt know how old it is, he says its his sons who lives in Utah or something, and just wants to get rid of it.

Any of you folks that ride older bikes, are their any disadvantages, cons, etc. to old technology. I guess that it doesnt matter being a hard tail, I just told him to consider the age of the frame, tire clearance, geometry, etc.

Thank you very much, I'll bring my shoes so I have them.


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That's a late '90's frame. Geometry is nothing weird, tire clearance is likely sufficient for any XC needs.

I assume it's non-disk compatible, and there's always the question with aluminum of how hard it's been ridden, as that material tends to not have the implied longevity of most steel and ti frames. I don't think those frames were built out of any sort of ultra-light (thin) aluminum, but there may be a tubing decal, which would tell that tale more specifically.

Could be a good deal if it's in good shape and the guy only wants a little $ for it.
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