Ok..This YOU will NOT belive....


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Ok..This YOU will NOT believe....

Where do I start....
I wanted to enter my 1st. EVER mtb race....so ,I entered Waywayanda spring cleaning as a beginner 50+ male....
my bib number was...(is 581)..
As I checked in, the gentleman at check-in told me to recorder my number ..in case it fell off my bike during the race, so I could call it out to the score keeper for MY time...as he told me this I promptly wrote 581 on the inside of my right forearm as NOT to forget it.
Then after my race, with two of my daughters cheering me on...they and I wondered HOW I DID????
sooooooooo we waited for the results to be posted...
since I was wet, I took off my long sleeve shirt, revealing "MY" 581 on my forearm.. One of my daughters asked me why I wrote it there? and I explained to her in case it fell off my bike then I could tell the score keeper my number to be scored....
anyway I joked to her "IF" I came in first place..I would have 581 tattooed there on the inside of my forearm...
after the results were posted..I WAS IN FACT THE FIRST PLACE WINNER OF THE 50+ MALES!!!!!!
I did NOT yet think that "I WAS GONNA GET IT TATTOOED"...
but later after I drove home some 80 miles....
and sometime later Sunday when my sister called me to talk about whatever it is that sisters call for..., that then when it was finally "MY" turn to talk..I promptly told her to get a pen and write this number down as her DINOSAUR 50+ brother WON first place and she might want to play my bib number in the lottery...and when I told her MY bib number (581) she said.....
(Michael IS MY nephew who was KILLED while riding his motorcycle)
He was born 5-31-81.... (581)... MY BIB NUMBER!
As soon as I got off the phone with her, I went to get MY FIRST and ONLY tattoo.... 581 on the inside of my forearm, right where I wrote it in pen at waywayanda!
Thank you MICHAEL DASSING for being there to help and guide me.. AND thank you for helping me (Uncle Ron) to MY first ever mountain bike race AND MY FIRST WIN!!!!
If YOU happen to see my on the trails, I will be HONORED AND PROUD to show you MY 581 TATTOO!

And I would, at this time like to thank MTBNJ.com for being here for ALL of us!

And I would also like to thank GOD for looking after MY nephew Michael Dassing!

Thank you God!

God is GOOD!
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I am speechless, and as most know on this site, that is pretty rare. Congradulations and thanks for sharing the story.

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Coincidence? I think not!
I believe Spiritual forces that transcend human understanding have graced you.
Now it is up to you what to do with it...


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Great story. Did you check to see what number came up that day for the NJ pick 3 Lotto?


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Not to take away from the whole crazy miracles things, but I've ridden w/ you once and i would,ve told you BEFORE the race that you would win beg. 50+. That tat is as badass as MIGs 5spd one i bet:D

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saw the tat today and got the extended version of the story...its a good one. :popcorn: only one of my tattoos means anything and thats all that counts.


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i dont have any tattoos myself..but im a believer that you should get it only if it has meaning to you..and it sounds like this sure does!


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Cool! This sounds like a story worthly of Miami Ink. Doesn't anyone get tattoos just because they look cool :confused:


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Here's the tattoo pic's

I hope I got this figured out??


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