OK, so I'm new...


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I started riding in april...and I'm addicted!
since april I can count on one hand how many days that I did not ride!..I'm hooked!..I ride hartshorn as if it is my backyard..and I've been to huber,dickerson,round valley,lewis morris,cheesequake..ok ..ok..I know I'm addicted!
Thankx for having me!

Love your enthusiasm. Trust me you're in good company with us. Welcome to the pain party. I love the Atlantic Highlands trails. Great for SS.:)
These guys want so much.
But really what can I say?
Haiku is done now.
that is probably
the worst haiku i've read yet.
hey norm z, you suck!


welcome to the site ron.
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glad your registration worked out. this place has a real underbelly, be wary of admins and owners trying to steal your passwords ;)
Hi there.... Ron, it is Ron isn't it?
Have we met somewhere???

One of these Saturdays you can get the Tour de Tourne or maybe even Wild Cat
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