OH WHAT $%&@ing BULL%&!T!!! 9 Proposed Park Closings Under Corzine!!!

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The nine state parks that would close:

• Monmouth Battlefield State Park, 2,928 acres, Monmouth County. Visitor center, restrooms, closed.

• Stephens State Park, 805 acres, Warren County. Camping area closed.

• High Point State Park, 15,827 acres, Sussex County. Swimming, camping, interpretive center, office, closed. Trail access limited.

• Brendan T. Byrne State Forest (formerly Lebanon State Forest), 36,647 acres, Burlington County. Camping, group picnic area, Indian King Tavern, office, closed. Trail access limited.

• Round Valley Recreation Area, 3,684 acres, Hunterdon County. Swimming, camping, Wallace House, office, closed.

• Parvin State Park, 1,952 acres, Salem County. Swimming, camping, interpretive center, office, closed.

• Jenny Jump State Forest, 4,288 acres, Warren County. Camping and office, closed. Trail access limited.

• Worthington State Forest, 6,584 acres, Warren County. Camping and office, closed. Trail access limited.

• Fort Mott State Park, 104 acres, Salem County. Hancock House, historic sites, office, closed. Access to ferry service, open.

* * *

The list of three New Jersey state parks that would partially close under the proposed budget:

• Ringwood State Park, 4,044 acres, Bergen and Passaic counties. Shepherd Lake swimming area closed; Ringwood Manor, reduced hours. State Botanical Gardens and Skylands Manor, open.

• D&R Canal State Park, 5,379 acres, central New Jersey. Bulls Island Recreation Area closed to campers. Rockingham Historic Site and towpath, open.

• Washington Crossing State Park, 3,126 acres, Mercer and Hunterdon counties. Significantly reduced hours at Clark House, Johnson Ferry House and the museum.


I can't even believe what I am reading and what I just heard on channel 4 news that made me research this! I am freakin livid right now!


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biknben said:
I don't want to start a political debate but I'm confident that this will not happen. I see the Sierra Club has already gotten involved. I want to see a quote from Mergs :cool:

Corzine plan to gain support...
Corzine: You don't like me becuase NJ is too expensive. I propose a ludicrous change to policy that will effect your livelyhood.
Public: You can't do that! You should direct your attention elsewhere.
Corzine: After listening to the public, I have decided the proposed cut is not required.
Public: Corzine saved my job! He is a great man!

One month later...
Public: Wait...Nothing has changed. :hmmm:

:hmmm: I'm making great use of the Copy_Clip feature in Windows. PM me for instructions to utilize this wonderful tool!! :hmmm:


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about 2 years ago my neighbors 4 month old puppy was hit by a car right in front of our houses and had to be put down. He went back to the breeder who still had one or two left from the same litter of pups and bought another. The markings and coloring were almost identical so he named the new dog Deja vu because it was just like looking at the first pup.

This one was not hit by a car.


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WTF. I hate Corzine (more now).

Well, hate is a strong word. I just really REALLY don't like him.

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Comrades, welcome to the Peoples Democratic Republic of New Jersey. Are you a party official? No, then please turn your guns into the proper authorities, pay the toll, pay the appropriate bribes, empty the remainder of your wallets at the alter of socialism, and please, fasten your seat belts (or else!). Oh, and BTW, our state parks are closed because they are in the soon to be re-educated non-party parts of the state.

Wow, where did that come from? :p


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The "Garden State" is closing down parks and recreational facilities. How about that? The farmers now are also protesting what the state is doing to them. Thanks to Coreslime and his cronies, NJ is on a downward spiral. I met him a few years back and I didn’t like him then, and I like him even less now.


This is just another example of why we all need to get informed and go vote at every election. Our great state has been under way too much liberal influence for way too long. The two party system will only work when there are two parties at the table.

Wake up. Our budget has risen by approximately 50% since 2000. Corzine has offered "cuts" recently to help alleviate the burden, however much of the cuts are really a just a slap in the face to suburbanites and the middleclass and high achievers in the state.

Closing the parks has little effect on the democratic urban voting centers, nor does ceasing to offer property tax rebates to householdes who earn above a certain income level. Meanwhile, our primarily democratic state government is "working hard" at passing resolutions to appologize for slavery, making deals with China (Please someone tell me why the governer is involved in foreign policy), and passing laws to benefit the insurance and drug industries under the guise of "protecting the people" (see the Predatory Towing legislation that was recently passed).

I don't think most people are aware of what our state senators do with their time. They're not required to actually go to trenton to vote on everything, or even a majority of issues. Most if not all of them have other full time jobs at different universities, corporations (many that bid on public contracts) and special interest groups. There is an inherent conflict of interest when the people who are charged with running our government also work in the private sector.

Argh. I could go on and on with this, but lets cut this off and actually get some work done. My point is this: We need the multi party system to keep things in check within the government. The Star ledger had an article recently (maybe today?) that said that most New Jerseyans have never even heard of most of the Republicans seeking to challenge Dems for state senate positions. The road to maintaing a balanced government is to ensure that the two party system is in place. Everyone should get out there this year, do their research and vote out the incumbents with some fresh blood from "the other party" here in NJ.


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Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos.

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