Oh snap!!!


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No I am not talking about the snazzy new site colors nor quoting from the Urban Dictionary but I thought I would post something that will break up the monotany of people commenting on the orange and blue or pay dirt etc...
My Orbea Alma carbon frame did the snaparoo on the drive side of the chainstay right before the MM race. Thank the higher power they are guaranteed for life and the good folks at Strictly Cycles got me swapped out for the World Cup color version on the same day as they had one in stock. Even better news is that the replacement is a slightly different geometry with longer top tube and actually fits me better. I had felt a little cramped in the cockpit on the old one. The link is from the Orbea site but if anyone wants to check out the new fancy shmancy colors....BTW it is not the blue version but the gold white and carbon one in the image gallery on the bottom. Now people won't confuse me with Oreo :)


I like the new ride. You could stick the World Champion ribbon on a cardboard box and it would look good! I'm a sucker for stripes or something. The only frame that ever failed on me was a Aluminum GT... catastrophic. I went back t steel straight away, and have stayed there ever since.


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NIICE! I have the same problem with mine, the claimed 23.75 ETT is deceiving because of the steep angles of the bike that make it feel short up top, my saddle is all the way back. Im used to the geometry now though, this bike is designed for climbing and its lightweight, my 29er is 21 lbs., with a rigid carbon fork its about 19 lbs.
I need to inspect mine frequently then, do you have a pic of the cracked frame?
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