OFFICIAL - Post your bicycle workbench area


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Every month some awful Christian Right magazine shows up at my house from my lifetime subscription to the NRA. I open it up, rip out the Harbor Freight coupon, get annoyed that magazines are no longer made of paper so I can't burn it in the stove, and then use my 20% off coupon on some chinese junk, and claim my free tape measurer. I have no need for any more lighted devices in my house THANKS CAPIES and the free voltmeters are unusably bad. So I have 40 taper measurers instead. AND I NEVER CAN FIND ANY OF THEM

They are giving away some gnarly scissors and a mini-powerstrip now. Grab them before 9/1.


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BikeNBen = Jackass was a show on MTV about a bunch of guys acting like a bunch of New Jersey Mountain bikers. This show was on after you became Al Bundy.

There is no resemblance to New Jersey mountain bikers and the jackass crew.

Straight up skate culture antics that went from clips in skate videos to a league of its own.


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Great place for the air hose reel. May need to steal that one.

shot of air probably gets those chkns moving!

kinda disappointed that there isn't anything interesting in the mirror of the bike...


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Love the Chickens!

See you got lots of gloves.

I just cleaned my garage somewhat and have 5 sets of Left Hand Gloves only. I have no idea where the Right Hands are.:hmmm:

mark mcleod

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Some sweet work area's guys will post mine once the storage cleanup is done and then I can finally get my bench finished up.

mark mcleod

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come on over and give it a try.
Haha bit far for me, also have no lathe skills, but designing and doing the actual internal tinkering no problem, took me few days to figure out the Shiver DC RC2X cartridge mod, next it's to get the volume adjust spring guide 100% working and toss another RC2 cartridge in, when I can find another parts fork to have my twin RC2 dampening Shiver DC, amazing performance increase in the old Shiver Invert and way lighter now and can't forget some custom Ti fork springs are the list to get.
But awesome man cave man, someday I'll have something better than a chunk of the basement.


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