Observed Trials on Discovery Channel!!


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damn web blocker at work....can wait to watch this at home as you know I'm down with da trails.

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That's sweet! Although I think I'd almost rather have one of those cameras than a trials bike.
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I cant even believe how much the 'mass produced' bike does the wave after that drop. Wheels wobbling out of round, fork flexing, frame, bars flexing mess. I never have seen such a good demo of the difference between good components and crap!


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Time Warp on DSC is awesome. The best episode is when they studied the urban ninja fellow.

Not sure if size matters.... in trials that is :D. But that mike guy is a monster for his size! He is like a foot+ shorter than Jeff and like one, one thousandth of jeff in width


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Size is not an advantage in trials at all. A taller guy has a slightly easier time bunny-hopping straight up things, but in that video, Mike sidehops up the same block from a dead stop. That's SICK!! There's no momentum to help get him up in the air at all. Also, a true trials rig like Mike's has a huge leverage advantage over a bike like Jeff's "urban" setup.


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This was a great show. I saw it on the big screen in HD. The best was the floppy rear derailleur on the "mass produced" bike. It looked like it was going to fall right off!
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