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I've been working on a pet project for a while, and finally got it done last night. Here's my belated holiday gift to you all... the NYCMTB 2006 Crash Reel. The best crashes from 2006 (plus one from 2007 that I just couldn't pass up), mostly chronological. It's once again in Quicktime h.264 format, so if you have trouble with it, update to the most recent Quicktime software.

Right click to download:

Many thanks to all the riders featured:

Bean, Gumby, Tom Church, Farty, Bastard4Life, Aeroplane, AS, Noescapeclothes, Tahoe, The Knot, Dangerous, Gideon and a few more unidentified riders. Locations include New York, Connecticut, Vermont, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Several riders were seriously injured in the making of this film- do not attempt these crashes on your own! Happy new year...


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Awesome inspiring video and great production work too!! I had to cringe on more then one of the crashes though. 2 Thumbs up!


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Great Stuff Jamie

Glad to see you guys have your priorities in the right place. Screw the rider, save the bike from the fire.


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The guy pulling the bike out of the fire was the owner of that bike. Not sure why he loaned his bike to that other guy to jump over the fire. My memory of that night is a bit fuzzy. ;)

That's Gumby on the 29er Karate Monkey hardtail. Luckily, his addition of a full suspension SX Trail has not curbed his crashing habit, as you see him dive toward the camera at Whiteface, land a jump at Bolton Valley with one foot, and slide off the stepdown at Ninham.

Locations- only one shot was at Diablo (the guy bobbling the landing on the progression drops). Locations include:

NY- Ninham, Blue Mtn, Graham Hills, Sprain Ridge, Whiteface
PA- Glen Park
NJ- Ringwood, Skyline, Diablo
VT- Bolton Valley
CT- Trumbull

The only really serious crash was mine at the very end. Two torn rotator cuffs and two months off the bike rehabbing 'em.


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It has slowed me down quite a bit. Only now starting to get back to where I was pre-crash, confidence-wise.

Bonfire shots were from a three-day freeride road trip we did in October to Whiteface, Bolton Valley and Highland Mtn. It was closing weekend for biking at Bolton, and they have a yearly bonfire/campout/blowout on that Saturday night.

The entire 17-minute video can be watched on Google Video...
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