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If you have a bicycle and a few hours please join us on the 2nd Annual Bicyclist Memorial Ride this Sunday, January 7th. This is a solemn, but powerful and ultimately uplifting event. Together hundreds of cyclists will ride to the far reaches of each borough, honoring each cyclist who was killed on New York City streets in 2006. This 2nd annual ride will also include a memorial in tribute to all of the pedestrians who lost their lives throughout the year.

The Memorial Ride brings together all types of cyclists and is an effective way to raise public awareness to the need for safer streets for all New Yorkers. The ride will roll at a pace that will be comfortable for all levels of cyclists.

For complete location, time and route information, please visit:

Memorial ghost bikes and a pedestrian memorial along the route will be sponsored by Transportation Alternatives,, Bikes Now, Manhattan Rickshaw, New York Bike Messenger Association, New York Cycle Club, Recycle-A-Bicycle, Revolution Rickshaw, Right of Way, Times Up! and Visual Resistance.

Join us as we ride together in love and respect for our friends and loved ones, our grandfathers, husbands, and brothers, our sons and daughters, our wives, sisters, cousins, neighbors, co-workers, teammates, and classmates who were all needlessly struck down. We ride together in outrage and anger, sharing their stories -- those that made the papers and those that didn't -- recognizing the fact that none of these deaths had to happen.

There will be a press conference at 5:30pm at Houston Street, between Lafayette & Crosby, Manhattan. Whether you can attend the entire ride or just a portion of it, please come and show your support. The message that New York City needs safe streets will be much stronger if we turn up in large numbers.

With your support in 2007 we will fight to ensure that New York City streets are safe enough for all cyclists.

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