NYC: Car-Free Summer Streets in August


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Anybody see this?
Might be a good thing to do with da Kids/Wife/GF/BlowupDoll/ETC

For three Saturdays in August, New York City will have a 6.9 mile car-free path leading from the Brooklyn Bridge in Lower Manhattan to the East 72nd Street entrance of Central Park. The street closures will occur from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. on three consecutive Saturdays in August, the 9th, 16th and 23rd. The streets to be closed are Centre Street, Lafayette Street, 4th Avenue and Park Avenue.



That is really awesome. I doubt I'll be able to take advantage of it myself, but it's really cool that the city is starting to push bikes for transportation and recreation. Wired magazine had a piece a few months ago about how streets in midtown manhattan will be restructured in the next decade so that street parking will be eliminated in favor of a bike lane and how intersections will be more bike and pedestrian friendly.


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this is really cool - i would honestly bring the bike in just to take advantage of the car free street once or twice.


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I may consider bringing Emily in on the 16th. She would get a kick out of it. So would I.


6th Ave was closed to traffic a month or two back on a Saturday. The cross streets were still open but Police assisted there. IUt was cool as loads of street vendors turned out, the weather was good and it was pretty surreal to walk down a usually traffic dead-locked street on a Saturday afternoon.

It may have been an event or something - I don't know, I just got off the sumway and found all of these people walking about in the street...


This is very cool. I moved to the city 9 months ago and I will def. be doing this.




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I'm know how to sweep girls off their feet :rofl:, but when did mtbnj become my date adviser? This is a great date idea. Done deal. ;)


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Too bad they couldnt do that for my lunch time ride every day..

C'mon...admit it...riding through traffic filled streets is a blast. :getsome:

I commuted into NYC a couple years ago just for the hell of it. I spent the day on the bike and had a blast.



Well, during the winter months, I do explore the streets alot more. It is alot of fun. Alot warmer too, riding along the Hudson can get very windy and cold.


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thats awesome, ive been planning on going riding in the city soon, i guess ill have to make it one of these saturdays.

cars are fun..BUT last time i was in the city, i was chasing my friend..who is not that bright..and we ended up flying down broadway on the double yellow lines....definetly the scariest moment of my life...dont ever want to do that again
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