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does anyone have experience with consulting one of these folks? i've never spoken to one and don't have much to go on in terms of if they are truly useful or not. if you have used one and are in the north, can you give a recco? TIA



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Never spoken to one, but I have a really good understanding of nutrition from reading.

What are you looking to do?

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Look for a sports nutritionist/dietitian. You will not get enough out of a $ 60 session if you go to a "clinican dietitian." Also, start writing down everything you eat, drink, supplements, etc. What time you ate it. And answer question 1. Why did I eat this
2. Was I physiologically hungry


6am 2 scr eggs, 1 cup cherrios with 3/4 cup soy milk, banana, multivitamin, 2 cups of coffee milk and sugar

Why: breakfast
2. Yes

9am apple, 1 tuna on rye sandwich, 1 cup green tea
why: break time
2. Yes

11 am 2 donuts and coffee
why: business meeting
2. NO, just cause it was there and I thought I'd be social,...

Now I'm sure you get the picture. Try to always ask yourself, " Am I physiological hungry, I starving?" Most of the time we eat out of boredom, habit, social thing to do, because its there,...

If you find the nutritionist you want to see,..Make sure you come with a list of questions you want answered. Good Luck.


Strong like bull, smart like tractor
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it's not for me, i'm doing some side research but the list stuff helps.

besides, the help i need a nutritionist isn't qualified to treat. :D
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