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I only come here about twice a year or so even though it is close, but went ahead and set up the park trail map last night. Had some friends that don't get out often on the trail for probably the first time this year, so took the opportunity to test the accuracy. As far as I can tell it is pretty close, so if you find yourself in the flatlands near LBI you should be good to go. Small park, but has some ok bits of elevation change.
Fun place but most of the bridges aren't suited for bikes.
True, although I think most of the trail was designed primarily for hiking. There are a few bits also that have a lot of fall line. Fine now, but last trip out I noticed a few spots that may end up being an erosion problem (mainly green off white trail by the cedar bog crossings).

R Treb

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The Penn loop could be unreal. The usually unridden full loop ( with the two set of wooden steps) has some fun little elevation changes. Every time I am on there I think of the possiblities. Some of the singletrack is actually ridge cut, pretty cool. But as said, some of those bridges and the one set of wooden steps are not mtb friendly to say the least.


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I remember one long narrow boardwalk I couldn't make it across because my bars were hitting trees on each side. I agree it has a lot of potential.