Not in the rain and not durring hunting season!


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This was my first time there and it just had to rain. It wasn't raining by the time we hit the trails but the damage was done. Overall, it's a nice ride but nothing very technical. No big climbs or downhills. I think we hit 4 or 5 bridges and tons of roots. Rain + Roots + Leaves = a very rough day on the bike. The trail was very clearly marked so it's not really possible to get lost. At one point we ran into some hunters who were right off the trail so that was a bit discouraging. Oh well, we have to share the land and no one got shot!. I'd say stick to Sundays if you have to ride here during hunting season. There were a few technical climbs but nothing more then 30 or 40 yards long. I would say this place is great for locals looking to get an after work ride in or a fast paced cardio workout.

I will have to visit another time in the spring.


so you treked all the way down here, nice work Jay. Sorry to hear about the hunters. Next time wear orange spandex.

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