North NJ Afterwork Rides


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Looking for someone to MTB ride afterwork with in the North NJ area. Skyline, Ringwood, Lewis Morris, Chimney Rock even. Start time at about 630 or so. I am in average shape, but have ridden for many years, I know the trails off Skyline extremely well and have lights for the trail. Can do any night but Wednesday.

Reach out and let's ride.



El Guac-Oh
I'll be tryin' to get out the next weeks until before the end of May when #2 arrives. Probably Skyline, since it is the closest from where I work.
LewMo & Da Rock I don't consider North Jersey :p


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I'm gonna cut out of work early today and hit Skyline before the rain arrives. Probably around 1pm or so.

El Z is such a north jersey snob. :D Any chance you can burn a few vacation hours today?


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El and I must have been separated at birth, I feel the same way :)

I'll join in on this suaree in a few weeks. Skyline is home for me. I'll be riding probably mid April again.
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