North Face (the movie, not the apparel line)


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German movie based on the actual ill-fated 1936 attempt by 4 men to be the first to scale the north face of Eiger. Movie passed through the festival circuit but couldn't find a US distributor so now you can watch it instantly on netflix.

If you are into tales of human physical triumphs and its always attendant tragedy, this two hours is worth the watch. There are some story shortcomings and other missed opportunities to make this a truly remarkable movie. Had this movie been made by Micheal Powell and Emeric Pressburger...but alas it had not. My knees still trembled and my legs went limp at the sight of climbers scaling sheer cliffs of limestone and icefields, surrounded by mist and volatile weather. The cinematography is dazzling and the ending is touching, if not human, belie the cold, indifferent mass of limestone called Eigerwand.
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I watched this the other day on netflix.. amazing movie. really well made, and i didnt mind reading the subtitles.


Watched it today, good movie. Got used to the subtitles, they kept me more focused on the movie. Watch the Nova program about the 1996 deaths on Mt Everest last week. This is not a sport I care to try!:popcorn:
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