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allamuchy last weekend was my first race in quite some time, 7 years i believe. it's been closer to ten since i've done a NORBA race. in the current manual(in pdf form from it said nothing about the rules for bike eligability. back then, single speeds weren't eligable for any kind of recognition at all. the only mention of single speeds in the current rulebook is that there is a mens and womens open class. my question: do i have to race singlespeed, or could i race sport or expert on my singlespeed? if i won a sport or expert race on a singlespeed, would that count towards points?

i'm not asking should or shouldn't, i really don't care about that either way, i just want to know before i go getting a liscence to do some of the h2h series races.


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Actually I am pretty sure you can race your SS in any class you want.

but I am sure someone here can tell you better then I


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Sure you can race a ss in a regular class, no problem. If you do, and you win, you probably are better than you think and should move up. If you are racing ss in the pro class, you are my hero. :D

As far as the lap distances, H2H series and National Series do elite distance for ss, but other promoters around the country are starting to offer a sport distance also because of popularity.

IMO, those sport riders should just face up to it and move up to EXP. Just my 2c.

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