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I'm flying up from Atlanta to stay in Princeton the weekend before thanksgiving. Looking form someplace to rent a bike. I've tried all the local princeton shops and the only one that rents is Jay's and all they have are Trek 3700s. Any other suggestions for someplace to rent?

PS. I'll ride Sourland and Six-mile if the weather is decent.

NJ Jess

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Sorry, my bike is recuping from Allamuchy 50km

I don't know of any bike rental places either. A lot of people are doing road rides on Sunday. It's suppose to rain Friday and Saturday. Since youre near Princton, try JAR jersey action riders. The ride that side of the state a lot. Jess


You might check out Bike n Gear in Somerset/Franklin, which is about 15 minutes north of Princeton. I don't know if they rent but they'd surely let you take a demo bike for the day (a nice Cannondale likely). The exact address is in this site's Shop Directory.

Also, I'd suggest riding Mercer County Park, which is also very close to Princeton. It's almost always dry and it's better maintained than the Sourlands or 6 Mile.

Have fun!
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