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hey all,

what's up.. I'm new to this site. I went through a lot of posts in the regional forums and made a conglomerate file of the trails from some of the parks, along with waypoints for the parks themselves and campground where applicable. Thanks to everyone for posting your tracks.

I'd like to create a master file with all the trails in the state! That way, you can just download the entire thing to your gps and wherever you end up ridding you can easily get around and make the most of your time. A master file also makes planning easier. I don't know about you but in this small state I often find myself going all over the place. When I get to places I don't know I want to make the most of my time by hitting the single track.

So, if you have some trails you'd like to share please email me (rob23 at gpsroutebuilder.com) or post them here and I'll add them to the master. The more waypoints the better (ie: trailheads, parking, Bmx jumps, etc.).

NJ Trails Master File v2

Note: not all trails in this file are for bikes, some are hiking only so use your best judgement while ridding and being within the limits of the law.
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Kick ass I thought of doing that for one or 2 parks, nice idea for the whole state. Can you save this out to a KML also?


yes, I can save it as a KML.

I did this for enduro/adventure motorcycle trails throughout the state and it worked out well. Once I gathered all the data I linked all the good roads and trails together and called it the TNJT or Trans New Jersey Trail. It's almost 1k miles long and covers the entire state from Sparta > Wawayanda > High Point > Cape May. I've ridden it in it's entirety three or four times now and it can take up to four days to complete. Email me if you're interested in a copy, you can do a lot of the roads in Jeep or other 4x4.



How did you merge GPS files together?

copy and pasted the tracks, routes and waypoints using Garmin's MapSource. You need to use a naming convention for the object names so they don't overwrite each other. You can use a text editor and the gpx file to do that.
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