NJ DOT Website - Road Ride Routes

Don't know if anyone has seen this yet. My friend Angela told me about it the other night so I checked it out:

NJ DOT - Bike Routes with Maps

I hope to be able to do each one, though I will probably save High Point to Cape May for a time in the distant future when I can convince someone to join me for the trip.


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The Great Swamp one goes right by my house. That loop is ok but I can recommend some better roads than that in the area. It also depends how much climbing you want to do :)

In edit: Damn that High Point to Cape May route looks rough. The section I'm familiar with goes on a lot of roads that I prefer not to bike on.
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high point to cape may is done every year. Its an "organized" ride. but not supported. Its called "the longest day" as it happens on the summer solstice


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I was actually going to ask if that's the route they used. I believe Mergs posted a link of his GPS track on the board that shall not be named.
Great Find. I'm definitely in for that Cape May route!

I rode from Sandy Hook to Cape May a few years back (the MS 170) and it was a blast, albeit cold and rainy all weekend. I am definitely up for doing long term touring like that again but would prefer a crisp autum day (or weekend) for it.

We'll see how this summer's training goes...


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i have a paper copy of the that DOT map. its pretty darn well done. its like a AAA triptik. :cool:

the route of the longest day ride varies slightly from year to year and is different from the DOT map. for starters, LDR is from Port Jervis at the best western, and DOT is from High Point. there are other minor details but nothing big. if you wanted to do a DIY LDR that DOT version would work fine and dandy.

here be a link to last year's route:


you need to organize your own sag. sadly i won't have time to do this ride this year. it was really a great experience.

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I ran a couple of the bike routes on the DOT site a few years ago when I was marathon training, overall I wasn't blown away by them. I've always found http://www.njbikemap.com/ to be much more helpful when planning a route.

I really need to get on it and do the high point to cape may ride one of these years.


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njbikemap rules, I love that site.

Mergs 16.76 mph? That's impressive.
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