NJ CX Championship Wrap-Up...


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So there were a number of us at the race today. I took photos of the C race and recorded my B race on the Helmet-Cam. Here are some photos to keep you occupied while I review and compile the Helmet footage. Please, give me a couple days for the video.

Chris Esnes of High Gear with ArmyofNone (Fred) on his heels.

acxnj keeping the rubber side down while others had issues.

Fred takes the lead.


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acxnj doing some Barn-Storming

Fred relinquishes the lead and has to do battle to remain in 2nd position.

He gives himself some breathing room and finishes in 2nd Place.


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oh those pictures came out AWESOME thanks!

i couldnt stick around today, but the race was great, the course was just as slippery as last week, but i managed to not wreck at all. i dont think i finished as well as last week, but i did beat the other SS guy...so thats a plus!


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Not what I would have liked to have had happen...

but Ill take it.

Chris and I were sitting pretty comfortably out front. I tried to shake him a few times with no luck. He was riding pretty strong yesterday. I dont know how things would have worked out but it sure would have been interesting.

Going into the third lap I took a spill and that was that. I battled with the big man from Army, was finally able to break free from him and finished second.

Chris killed it out there and its obvious that he has been busting his hump on the bike this season. CONGRATS MY MAN!!!!

Watching the B's power through that course was pretty impressive. It was cool that the masters were in the same race but it was driving me nuts trying to keep up and follow everyone around. Chuck pulled off the most awesome move I have seen on a cross bike as he rode up the stairs that everyone else was running. Why didnt I think of that!?!?!?
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Hey Rog excellent ride...Fred, and that move would have been even better if it was for 1st place....:) Next year..3 races left for me and then the end of a very long season...My first race was March of 2008 and will end December 13 at the US national CX in Kansas city....CROSS IS BOSS!!!!Peace out....

Roger De Vlaeminck (RDV)

Nice Pictures

Ben, the pictures are sweet. I raced with you in the 2/3/4 race and with some other mtbnj,com riders in the 3/4 race earlier in the day. You were strong and the amount of time I spent following you helped me to remember to check out this mtbnj.com site and think about Rabobank (your team kits are sweet). Very cool site.

I was down from Syracuse visiting the in-laws and have raced this course for the past 3 years. I really enjoy this course and the racing in NJ. You guys have a really good group of racers and it is always a good time and great atmosphere. I noticed your helmet cam too. That is pretty sweet and I look forward to the video.

Great site and hope to see you and the rest of mtbnj.com on the course in the future.


Roger De Vlaeminck (RDV)


Erik is doing well though he is not as talkative without the alleged amphetamines. It wasn't just modest mouse singing "the good times are killing me."

Me, I am still sore from Sussex.


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Helmet Cam Ben rounding the lake.

My teammate Laura on her way to Victory.

I'm sure I looked pretty lame out there the first time, but I had fun, and boy did it feel good to rev the engines up after a four month nap. Thanks for the cheering! ... race report up on blog.


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She (Laura) and I and 2 other guys had a good little duel for the last 3 laps trading leads a bunch. That's me just behind her. Eventually got past all but one guy on last lap, very close to catching him on final stretch. Most fun is that little race within a race to me, regardless of where I finish.
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Watching cross is great. Its one of the few times I can get right in someones face while yelling at them and not have to worry about getting my arse kicked. :rofl:
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