Ninja Night Ride 7pm sept 25


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i am a ninja. speaking of them will bring the brotherhood after you!! you have been warned.


Mayor McCheese
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smarencik said:
WOW - I never knew ninja's were mammals

The epitome of Internet excellence, to be sure! Though, it's crap like this that makes the work day go by that much easier.


entirely thrilled
the single greatest explanation of single-speeding mentallity ever.

"A geared rider is like a Ninja (you should check this out) pulling out throwing stars, nun-chucks, and all manner of sneaky weapons. If he can't get the kill with one weapon he'll switch (gears) to get the job done. Sure as shit a Ninja will kill everybody in the room without them knowing, but he'll use 27 different weapons. Single speeders are Viking Beserkers. A Viking just needs a simple weapon like a big hammer or a sharpened 40lb piece of steel to do his dirty work. Not only will he kill everybody in the room, he'll kill everything in a 30 mile radius. The US military tried to turn GI's into Vikings back in the early 40's, but they found that the atom bomb was easier to control and almost as effective at killing. Ninja VS Viking? I'll put my money on the Viking. Sure he'll be pierced by the Ninja's pointy tools of death 20 times before the he knows what hit him, but that will just summon his wrath. Once he sets his beer down he with will destroy the Ninja and any black pajama wearing buddies he might have brought with him (they've been known to travel in packs). Then he will finish his beer. Yeah, single speeding is just like that, brutal, painful, merciless, something to do in between beers...a pursuit worthy of a Viking. All single speeders have some Viking blood in their veins. It is a fact."


Ninga Ride Severs Shoe

Best night ride this year. My SPD ripped off my shoe and would not come off.. just hung there and I could not release, OUCH! My light burned out, and I ran out of water... But found some sick new terrain that screams SINGLE TRACK Jumps... mmmmm siinnngle Trackkkkkk.. Athhhhhhh. And found a few hidden Stunts. All In all a good ride..


entirely thrilled
that sounds like when i ripped the sole out of my nike nGubas with the black elastomers in my onza pedals in 1993.
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