dirty bert

I was wondering what are some of the nicknames, well maybe nicknames isn't the right word for this but the names of places that we ride.

To make myself more clear, Allamuchy is also called Mooch. Would you know I was taking about Chimney Rock, if I said to you, I rode at the "Rock" today? What are other places called other than Allaire or Hartshorne or Ringwood?

That reminds me, I need to get some cash for tonight. Have fun and don't go home with strangers.
mahlon dickerson is usually referred to as just mahlon or md.

and it's pronounced mah lon. mah is not pronounce may.
I believe all these names are used,yes. I stand corrected, seeing as how we are talking about nicknames. More than a few folks will see WVP listed and don't know it is commonly called CR by locals.
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This is the ROCK


I like to call CR that as well so it sounds like a big accomplishment.:D
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